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This tutorial will briefly explain what .onion sites are, as well as provide step-by-step instructions to help you to access them. At the bottom of the page there is a collection of useful .onion links to get you started with surfing part of the "deep web", that is also known as "dark web".

What are .onion sites?

.onion sites are mostly just like any website, except they can only be accessed through a hidden network called TOR (and indirectly through TorVPN's VPN proxy service). They do not have a real domain name or IP address that exists on the "regular" internet. The TOR network arranges anonymity for the server and its visitors. The things you can find on .onion sites include image and file hosting, whistleblower websites (Wikileaks), forums offering complete freedom of speech, search engines, hacking, programming, and so on. Some of these websites (such as search engines) are completely legal, some would be considered illegal in some countries (hacking tutorials), others are completely illegal (drugs, weapons, child pornography, credit card fraud and other scams).

How do .onion sites work?

Computers in the TOR cloud work together to encrypt data and pass it on between each other for the purpose of providing anonymity to you. Whether you want to visit a website or BE a webserver on the internet, normally you need an IP address. If you have an IP address, you can be traced. On the TOR network however, your IP address is hidden behind the IP address of other TOR nodes, so finding the real one is much harder, even for law enforcement (it is certainly not impossible, but unfeasible to the point that a website selling drugs has been running for years, even after "US Senators Charles Schumer and Joe Manchin sent a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder and DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart insisting that the agency shut down the marketplace").

How to access Onion sites with TorVPN?

Click the "Accounts" menu on the control panel.
Click on the grey line with the server's name (for example "Earth @ Budapest"). A popup will appear.
Tick the checkbox next to "Enable transparent TOR proxy".
Click "Save".

It's done!

You are now routed through the TOR network and can visit .onion sites too.

Double check your IP address on ipchicken.com.

How to access Onion sites with the TOR browser?

Download the TOR browser bundle.

Download the TOR browser bundle

> >   Install the software.

Extract the package
Extracting the package

Setting up a shortcut and running the software

> >   Run the installed browser.

TOR is now connected

TOR Browser Screenshot

> >   You can now open .onion websites! Try http://idnxcnkne4qt76tg.onion

Where can I find more .onion sites?

.onion site list

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